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EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY                            0110

The primary purpose and, indeed, the obligation of public education in the Meriden Public Schools is to develop the unique talents and abilities of all students so that they may become responsible and contributing members of society.

Fundamental to education is the recognition that students, as individuals, possess differing rates and styles of development. Further, it is essential to acknowledge that students approach school from a variety of ethnic origins and socio-economic backgrounds. With an awareness of these differences, the educational program should be flexible enough to be sensitive to the needs of the individual students and to demonstrate a quality that will stimulate alike the students, staff and the community.

The educational program must provide students with the basic skills of learning and the capacity to value themselves and others. It must be comprehensive enough to afford students the opportunity to develop career awareness, to obtain added vocational preparation, and/or to attend an institution of higher learning. The program should strive to create an atmosphere in which students can experience desirable intellectual, physical, emotional, cultural, and social growth. Ultimately, the educational system should kindle the individual’s desire to continue learning as a life-long process.

The educational program should be extended beyond the school – encouraging the involvement of the entire community to include family, religious affiliation, youth organizations, business, industry, and recreational and social activities. The educational process in Meriden should enable the student to develop a constructive philosophy of life. Each student should obtain the decision-making skills necessary to cope with our rapidly changing and complex society. Each student should acquire an understanding and appreciation of our cultural, historical, and natural environment.

The Meriden Public Schools has the duty to provide fully integrated schools and the best possible situation in terms of staff and facilities for the education of our children.

The Meriden Board of Education endorses this philosophy and adheres to the accompanying system-wide goals.


Approved May, 5, 1981


Amended May 16, 2017

Previous Policy Number: AE

Approved 5/16/2017
Previous Policy Number: AE