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In order to assist individuals who may experience cardiac arrest on school property, the Meriden Board of Education has acquired external defibrillators for use in certain school buildings.  It is the policy of the Meriden Board of Education to support the use of these automatic external defibrillators during medically appropriate circumstances on school property.


Requirements concerning the use and maintenance of AEDs are set forth in the accompanying Administrative Regulations as may be supplemented by or amended by the Administration from time to time.


For purposes of this policy and the accompanying regulations, an AED is a device that:

1) is used to administer an electric shock through the chest wall to the heart;

2) contains internal decision-making electronics, microcomputers or special software that allows it to interpret physiologic signals, make medical diagnosis and, if necessary apply therapy;

3) guides the user through the process of using the device by audible or visual prompts; and

4) does not require the user to employ any discretion or judgment in its use.  

Legal References:

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Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies

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ADOPTED: December 15, 2015

Approved 12/15/2015
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