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The Meriden Board of Education (the “Board”) understands that completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (“FAFSA”) is an important step in the path to postsecondary education and is associated with higher rates of college enrollment.  The Board is committed to improving the completion rates of the FAFSA for students enrolled in the Meriden Public Schools (the “District”).

Program to Improve FAFSA Completion Rates

In order to improve the completion rates of the FAFSA by students enrolled in grade twelve in the District, the District shall develop a systematic program through which students are educated about the purpose and content of the FAFSA, encouraged to complete the FAFSA, and assisted in the completion of the FAFSA, as may be necessary and appropriate.  The Board directs the Superintendent or designee to develop administrative regulations in furtherance of this policy.  The Board further directs the Superintendent or designee to conduct periodic assessments of such regulations, at least annually, to determine the effectiveness of such regulations in improving completion rates of the FAFSA.

FAFSA Graduation Requirements

Students graduating in 2025 and beyond are required to have satisfied one of the following prior to graduation:

1. completed a FAFSA;

2.for students without legal immigration status, completed and submitted to a public institution of higher education an application for institutional financial aid; or

3. completed a waiver of completion of the FAFSA and/or financial aid application, as applicable, on a form prescribed by the Commissioner of Education, signed by the student’s parent or guardian, or signed by the student if the student is eighteen or older.

On and after March 15 of each school year, a principal, school counselor, teacher, or other certified educator may complete the waiver on behalf of any student who has not satisfied the above requirements if such principal, school counselor, teacher, or other certified educator affirms that they have made a good faith effort to contact the parent/guardian or student about completion of such applications.

Confidentiality of FAFSA

Any information contained in a FAFSA held by the Board shall not be a public record for purposes of the Freedom of Information Act and thus shall not be subject to disclosure under the provisions of section 1-210 of the Connecticut General Statutes.

Reporting of FAFSA Completion Rates

Each year, the Superintendent or designee will report to the Board the FASFA completion rate for each high school in the District.

Gifts, Grants, and Donations to Implement Policy

The Board may accept gifts, grants, and donations, including in-kind donations, to implement the provisions of this policy.


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ADOPTED: November 20, 2023 


Approved 11/20/2023
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