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6114.12 (R)Procedures for Fire Drills

Procedures for Fire and Crisis Response Drills 6114.12(R)

All schools shall have written emergency fire and crisis response drill procedures. The reason for these drills is to familiarize the school staff with these procedures so that the staff and students will react properly in case of a real emergency. Every drill must be conducted as if there were a fire or other emergency in the building.

Speed is not the most important factor in a drill. Evacuation of the building must be accomplished in an orderly manner without distractions. This is necessary so that everyone will be alert to heed a change in directions which might be required if one of the regular exits is blocked. Straight, quiet lines are mandatory.

Teachers are to remain with their class and must walk out of the building and down the street with their students.

Teachers must have their attendance record with them during a drill. All students must be accounted for.

Periodically a modification will be made in fire drills to emphasize the importance of smoke and the need to stay below it.

Principals shall include a statement in their fire and crisis response drill reports showing the dates on which fire and crisis response drills were held.


Approved April 28, 1981

Amended December 6, 2016

Previous Policy Number: EB2.1R

Previous Policy Number: EB2.1R