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A student must complete a total of five units of credit to enter grade 10; a total of ten units of credit to enter grade 11; a total of fifteen units of credits to enter grade 12; and a total of twenty-one and one-quarter units to graduate. In rare cases where medical or social-emotional factors contribute to a student’s ability to graduate, a graduation with Superintendent’s endorsement may be requested when a student has received the state required 20 credits.


The student must complete specific course requirements as established by the Board for graduation. An exception may be granted by the school principal in the instance where a student has enrolled from another school system with differing graduation requirements after the beginning of grade nine. In such a situation, the principal may substitute up to one (1) unit of specified graduation requirements with course credits earned by the student in his or her former school. In all other instances, only the Board may waive graduation requirements.


Upon recommendation of the school principal, students who have demonstrated substantial academic deficiencies that may jeopardize their eligibility for promotion or graduation will be provided with supplemental services and the school principal may also require that students attend after school programs, summer school or other programs offered by the school district that are designed to assist students in remedying such deficiencies.

The Board shall offer supplemental services as an alternative to retention as deemed appropriate by the administration and approved by the Board within Board approved local, state and/or federal appropriations.

Cross Reference:

Policy 6146 (Graduation Requirements)


Approved 12/7/1982

Amended 1/18/2000 

Amended 6/7/2016


Previous Policy Number: HK5.2

Approved 6/7/2016
Previous Policy Number: HK5.2