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In no event shall the school system, including the staff and pupils, be employed in any manner for advertising or otherwise promoting the interests of any commercial or non-school agency.

The schools may cooperate in furthering the work of any non-profit, community-wide social service agency provided that such cooperation does not restrict or impair the educational program of the schools and benefits the community or the student body of Meriden Public Schools.

The schools may also participate in radio or television programs when such participation is supplemental and beneficial to the program of the schools.

The Superintendent may announce or authorize to be announced any lecture or other community activity of particular educational merit.

The schools may, upon approval of the Superintendent, cooperate with any governmental agency in promoting activities which are in the public interest, are non-partisan, and reflect the educational interests of the school system.

School publications may accept and publish paid advertising under established administrative procedures. However, advertising materials of a commercial, political or a religious nature shall not be displayed or distributed in the schools or on school grounds.

Further, students shall not be used as agents for distributing non-school related materials without the approval of the Superintendent.

Cross Reference:

Policy 4035 (Solicitations)
Policy 6145.3 (Student Publications)

Approved: April 28, 1981

Amended: December 15, 2015
Previous Policy Number: JJ

Approved 12/15/2015
Previous Policy Number: JJ