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6110.1 (R)Procedures for Closing School Due to Inclement Weather Conditions

Procedures for Closing School Due to Inclement Weather Conditions 6110.1(R)

When the decision to close school has been made because of inclement weather or other hazardous condition,   Announcements will be released for immediate broadcast by radio stations and television. In the absence of the Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendent is authorized to make such school closing decisions.

Parents, students and employees are asked to refrain from calling the central office for information on emergency school closings.

Localized conditions within Meriden may make attendance at the regular time hazardous at certain schools. Parents must exercise their own discretion in sending children in such cases. In such situations, a written excuse from the parent will enable the student to make up any homework missed.

An Interschool Emergency Communication System will be updated annually and sent to all schools.

Approved April 28, 1981

Amended December 6, 2016

Previous Policy Number: EB2.2R

Previous Policy Number: EB2.2R