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The Board of Education is committed to professional development that has as its primary focus the improvement of direct student instruction and the supervision of instruction. The Board of Education believes that all teachers, administrators, and non-certified staff should have the opportunity to participate in professional development programs and that a structure must be provided that allows for professional development at the system, building, program and individual levels. In addition, the Board recognizes that specific professional development programs must be provided for administrative staff.

The Board is committed to providing sufficient resources to support professional development. These include funding, as budget circumstances permit, for workshop leaders, workshop and conference fees, staff compensation when appropriate, and other related costs. Such resources also include the provision of time to permit the appropriate scheduling of professional development activities and the assignment of staff to coordinate Meriden’s Professional Development Program.

Legal Reference:

Public Act 84-314

Cross Reference:

Policy 4230 (Reimbursement of Expenses)

Approved 4/1/1986

Amended:  November 17, 2015
Previous Policy Number: GB7


Approved 11/17/2015
Previous Policy Number: GB7