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Non-Resident Students


The Meriden Board of Education will consider granting admission to non-resident students for tuition into the Meriden Public Schools for compelling reasons as recommended by the Superintendent of Schools.  


A non-resident student is defined as any student whose parents’ or legal guardians’ permanent residence is not within the City of Meriden.  A non-resident student over the age of eighteen is defined as any student whose permanent residence is not within the City of Meriden.


Enrollment of non-resident students will be limited to the following:


1.         Students attending the Meriden Public Schools by special action of the Meriden Board of Education.


2.         Parents/guardians who provide evidence that they are in the process of building or buying a home within the City of Meriden and have firm plans to move in prior to November 1 of that school year who wish to enroll their children in one of the districts’ schools at the beginning of the school year will be permitted to do so without payment of tuition for the months of September and October.  If the parents/guardians have not become permanent residents by October 31, their child’s continued enrollment will be approved only upon payment of the tuition rate established by the Meriden Board of Education from the beginning date of the child’s/children’s entrance into the Meriden Public Schools.  Payment will be required starting November 2.  Tuition charges will continue for a maximum of 90 days at which time the child/children shall be withdrawn.


3.         Meriden resident parents who establish residence outside Meriden on or after the first day of the fourth quarter marking period of the Meriden Public Schools for any school year may seek to continue, through written request to the Superintendent, their child/children in attendance in any Meriden Public Schools class operated by the Meriden Board of Education without payment of tuition.  The Superintendent may, in his/her discretion, approve such a request.


4.         All non-resident applicants are accepted on a "space available" status, provided they exhibit and maintain positive academic and behavioral standards.


5.         The Meriden Public Schools reserves the right to exclude any non-resident student, other provisions of this policy notwithstanding, if in the judgment of the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee it is in the best interest of the school system to do so.


6.         All non-resident students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) will be responsible for providing transportation to and from school, unless otherwise determined necessary under applicable law for students eligible for special education.


7.         The regulation does not obligate the Board of Education to provide special education programs or services or create unique programs for students.  If a non-resident student is enrolled or continued in the Meriden Public Schools, and such child is eligible for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”), the Meriden Public Schools shall not act as the local education agency for such child.  In instances where special or additional services are provided for a non-resident student, a supplemental tuition or fee may be charged based upon the actual costs associated with providing the special or additional services.




APPROVED:   August 7, 1990

Amended:        February 7, 2012

Amended:       August 19, 2014


Previous Policy Number: IB 6

Approved 8/19/2014
Previous Policy Number: IB6