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In accordance with the provisions of Connecticut General Statutes Section 3148d, the Board of Education hereby gives notice to all its employees of the potential use of electronic monitoring in the workplace. While the Board might not actually engage in the use of electronic monitoring, it reserves the right to do so as the Board and/or the Administration deem appropriate in their discretion, consistent with the provisions set forth in this Notice.

"Electronic monitoring," as defined by Connecticut General Statutes Section §3148d, means the collection of information on the Board's premises concerning employees' activities or communications, by any means other than direct observation of the employees. Electronic monitoring includes the use of a computer, telephone, wire, radio, camera, electromagnetic, photo-electronic or photo-optical system. The law does not cover the collection of information (A) for security purposes in any common areas of the Board's premises which are open to the public, or (B) which is prohibited under other state or federal law.

            The following specific types of electronic monitoring may be used by the Board in its workplaces

  • Monitoring of email and other components of the Board's computer systems, including monitoring of electronic devices such as PDAs, Smartphones, and mobile or handheld devices that access the computer systems, for compliance with the Board's policies and regulations concerning use of such systems.
  • Video and/or audio surveillance within school buildings (other than in restrooms, locker rooms, lounges and other areas designed for the health or personal comfort of employees or for the safeguarding of their possessions), on school grounds and on school buses and other vehicles providing transportation to students and/or employees of the school system.
  • Monitoring of employee usage of the school district's telephone systems.

            The law also provides that, where electronic monitoring may produce evidence of misconduct, the Board may use electronic monitoring without any prior notice when the Board has reasonable grounds to believe employees are engaged in conduct that (i) violates the law, (ii) violates the legal rights of the Board or other employees, or (iii) creates a hostile work environment.

Questions about electronic monitoring in the workplace should be directed to the Superintendent.

Legal References:

Connecticut General Statutes:

            Section 31-48b

            Section 31-48d

Adopted November 17, 2015

Amended December 6, 2016









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