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4111.4Evaluation, Termination and Non-Renewal of Athletic Coaches

It is the policy of the Meriden Board of Education (the “Board”) that an athletic coach employed by the Board shall:


1) adhere to all Board policies, rules and regulations;

2) shall conduct himself or herself in a professional manner;

3) serve as a role model for students; and

4) demonstrate competence and proficiency in his or her role as an athletic coach of a particular sport.  


For purposes of this policy, the term “athletic coach” means any person holding (and required to hold) a coaching permit issued by the Connecticut State Department of Education who is hired by the Meriden Board of Education to act as a coach for a sport season.  This term “coach” under this policy shall include only coaches who have direct responsibility for one or more teams (including assistant coaches if they serve as a coach to another team (e.g., JV)), and the term shall not include other assistant coaches and volunteer coaches.


The Superintendent may adopt administrative regulations in accordance with this policy.

Legal References:  Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-222e

Adopted: November 17, 2015

Previous Policy Number: GB3-R


Approved 11/17/2015
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