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The diverse scope of School Board decisions and business in a school district can have immense implications. On occasion it is necessary for the Board and Superintendent to seek specialized and expert legal advice as part of the information to be used in arriving at decisions. To this end the Board may retain a legal firm or an attorney who has been admitted to practice law in Connecticut to serve as legal advisor(s) to the Board and the Superintendent.

A decision to seek legal advice or assistance from said attorney or firm on behalf of the school district shall normally be made by the Board President, the Superintendent or by persons specifically authorized by the Superintendent. 

The legal advisor(s) shall render advice, conduct or assist with the conduct of the school district litigation, and provide specialized legal service. The legal advisor(s) may be required to attend hearings or other meetings when his/her presence and services are needed.

Policy Adopted: April 28, 1981

Approved 5/7/2013
Previous Policy Number: BC6