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The Meriden Board of Education (the “Board”) recognizes the importance of school volunteers at all levels of schooling.  Volunteers can enhance collaboration between the school and community, broaden the school’s educational environment and ultimately enrich students’ school experience.  The Board further acknowledges that it may, from time to time, be asked to provide learning experiences for student interns within the school environments, which experiences are not part of the teacher preparation program, as defined in section 10-10a of the Connecticut General Statutes.  In recognition of the benefit of having volunteers, interns and other such non-employees providing services within the schools, the Board supports the involvement of these individuals in accordance with suitable regulations and safeguards to be developed by the Administration.   

 Volunteers, interns and other such non-employees working within the schools (“volunteers”) must work under the supervision of Meriden Public Schools (“District”) staff.  Volunteers are held to the same standards of conduct as school staff and must observe all Board policies, including applicable policies on the confidentiality of student information. 

 Volunteers may be required to submit to state and federal criminal record checks and a record check of the Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) Child Abuse and Neglect Registry.  No person who is required to register as a sex offender under state or federal law, or whose name is currently listed on the DCF registry, may volunteer in the District.

 No employee of the District shall serve as a volunteer in any capacity, except as may be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee based on the specific situation.

 Persons interested in volunteering their services should contact the school principal.


Legal References:

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              Connecticut General Statutes § 10-220          Duties of boards of education.

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ADOPTED:        April 28, 1981

AMENDED:      December 15, 2015

AMENDED:      April 20, 2021

Approved 4/20/2021
Previous Policy Number: JC2