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6141.12 (R)Pilot Programs

Pilot Programs 6141.12 (R)

Pilot programs shall be reviewed by the appropriate Curriculum Committee, Curriculum Administrator, and by the Assistant Superintendent and recommended for Board approval when appropriate.

Prior to the district-wide implementation of a pilot program, the staff  proposing its adoption will submit an evaluation of the program to the Assistant Superintendent. District-wide implementation of an existing major pilot program shall not take place until there is sufficient evidence to justify its incorporation into the educational programming or curriculum.

New teaching methods which do not significantly depart from existing methods, minor improvements in the pilot programs such as those involving instructional material, and improvements of limited applicability do not require prior Board approval. However, the Board members are to be informed of such changes prior to full implementation if they are to be adopted on a district-wide basis.

Approved:  April 28, 1981

Amended:  August 16, 2011

Amended: December 6, 2016


Previous Policy Number: HE2-R(1)