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Standardized testing shall be one method of providing information on the basic items of:

  1. educational needs of the learner
  2. educational achievement of the learner
  3. program evaluation

Formal testing programs shall be utilized to monitor objectively student progress. The major emphasis of the testing program shall be on the appraisal of student potential and achievement. This emphasis stresses that all formal testing be considered as an instructional tool that will facilitate and complement the learning progress of students.

The Superintendent shall provide rules and regulations covering the selection, adoption and administration of tests and the use and dissemination of test results.

Cross Reference:

Policy 6180.11 (Examinations)

Approved April 28, 1981

Reviewed and no changes made: December 6, 2016

Previous Policy Number: HL

Approved 12/6/2016
Previous Policy Number: HL