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The Meriden Board of Education Policy utilizes consistent guidelines to properly evaluate students transferring to the Meriden high schools from our middle schools and from out of the district.

All transfer students will be held accountable, to the extent possible, for the completion of specific courses required by the Meriden Board of Education.

  1. All credit earned at the student’s former high school, grades 9-12, will be accepted.
  2. High school credits earned prior to grade 9 at an educational institution other than  the Meriden Public Schools will only count toward the minimum high school credit graduation requirement if the student's transcript reflects that high school credit was earned.
  3. Transferring students will be placed in the appropriate grade level according to Meriden’s credit requirements for promotion.
  4. Students transferring from schools operating on a semester course basis must make up credit deficiencies in courses such as English 9-12, biology, U.S. History and certain mathematics courses by repeating the entire course since these particular courses are offered only on a full year basis in Meriden. The previously earned partial credits in these specific courses will be considered as elective credits.
  5. Students transferring from out of district with credit deficiencies in physical education must make up such deficiencies provided, however, that a student entering Meriden Public Schools in grade 12 with physical education credit deficiencies will not be required to take more than one semester of physical education during his or her senior year.

Students who have been excused from physical education for medical or religious reasons will not have to make up the course, but will still have to earn the full credit units for graduation by earning other elective credits.

Approved February 1989

Amended March 6, 2007

Approved March 6, 2007

Amended December 6, 2016

Previous Policy Number: HK5.2-R (2)


Approved 12/6/2016
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