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The Board of Education encourages and sanctions student field trips that are of value in helping achieve each participating student's educational objectives. 


All student field trips shall require prior written approval by the building principal.  In addition, all student field trips that are scheduled to last more than one day shall require the prior written approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee.


All student field trips that require Board funding not allocated in the Board's annual budget or exceeds the allocation by $2,500 or more, shall require Board approval.


The Board of Education will not be responsible for any field trip that is not approved in accordance with the procedures set forth in this policy and the accompanying regulations.


The Board of Education shall be informed of approved field trips which are to a location 100 or more miles from Meriden.


The Board of Education reserves the right of final approval of field trips in cases when local, state, or national government agencies have issued safety alerts.  To initiate this right, a majority vote will be required on a motion establishing a specific timeframe during which the Board will consider field trip requests for final approval.



Approved: October 17, 2006 

Amended: August 19, 2014    



Previous Policy Number: HH3.1


Approved 8/19/2014
Previous Policy Number: 6153