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1. In compliance with legal requirements, a complete and accurate set of minutes of each meeting shall be kept by the Board Clerk.

2. Minutes shall be maintained at the Administrative Offices of the school district in an official record book designated for said purpose.

3. The minutes shall constitute the official records of proceedings of the Board of Education and shall be open to public inspection at all reasonable times. Nothing herin shall require that the minutes be a verbatim record of the proceedings of the Board of Education.

4. The minutes shall include the following:

A. The time, place and date of each meeting.
B. The names of those members in attendance.
C. The disposition of all matters on which action was recommended.
D. All motions and resolutions and their disposition, listing all votes, abstentions and absentees.
E. All decisions concerning future meetings and agendas.
F. By request, a brief statement of a Board member may be included.

5. In the event corrections are made to minutes, corrections may be made at the meeting at which the minutes are to be approved.

6. A record of votes taken at each meeting shall be reduced to writing and made available for public inspection within forty-eight hours of the conclusion of the meeting at which the votes were taken. Votes taken shall also be reflected in the minutes of each meeting, and the minutes shall be made available for public inspection and posted on the Board’s website, if available, not later than seven days of the date of the meeting to which they refer.

The Board of Education may make minutes available on the Board’s website, in its discretion.

Legal Reference:
Connecticut General Statutes
     1-225 Meetings of government agencies to be public.
               Recording of votes.

Public Act 10-171, An Act Concerning Municipal Mandate Relief

Approved 5/7/2013
Previous Policy Number: BD4.7