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The curriculum shall emphasize the basic skills of English, reading, writing and mathematics; along with the social sciences, natural sciences, foreign languages, the arts, physical education, and health education. Such curriculum shall also include and be consistent with all the other school district goals such as the skills of communication, ethical and responsible behavior, respect for others, good standing of economic principles and responsibilities, and the development of decision-making skills. The curriculum shall include instruction in any other subject, skill or area as required by state statute.

Co-curricular activities shall be included in the school program which will foster participation in athletic, musical, dramatic and other socially acceptable maturing endeavors appropriate to the various age levels of the students.

Legal Reference:

Connecticut General Statutes, Section 10-16b

Cross Reference:

Policy 0110 (Educational Philosophy)

Policy 0200 (School District Goals)

Policy 6140 (Curriculum Development)

Approved April 28, 1981

Amended:  December 6, 2016


Previous Policy Number: HF1

Approved 12/6/2016
Previous Policy Number: HF1