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The people elect a Board of Education to represent them, to determine local educational plans and policy, and to establish publicly endorsed educational goals and objectives.

The Board is mindful that the people are the ultimate governors of public education and that the Board is directly accountable to the people through the elective process. The Board also believes that accountability is a shared responsibility involving students, teachers and other employees, the Superintendent of Schools, and the people themselves, as well as the Board of Education.

The Board, therefore, asserts these beliefs and expectations:

Students should be instructed at home and by the schools in order that they will learn to hold themselves accountable for their own lives, actions and decisions as maturing members of a democratic society.

Teachers should hold students accountable for achieving (within the limits of each student’s abilities) the objectives of each learning experience.

The Superintendent should hold teachers and other employees accountable for working with diligent effort, intelligence and imagination in achieving the objectives directly related to their stated job responsibilities.

The Board should also hold itself accountable for carrying out its mandate to plan, make policy, and lead in the identification of goals and objectives.

Cross Reference:

Policy 0200 (School District Goals)
Policy 1005 (Community Goals)

Adopted:  April 28, 1981

Approved 11/6/2013

Reviewed and No Changes Required:  December 15, 2015
Previous Policy Number: AB

Approved 12/15/2015
Previous Policy Number: AB