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BOARD OF EDUCATION GOALS                0220

Pursuant to Section 10-4 of the Connecticut General Statutes and consistent with the District’s mission and educational philosophy, the Board shall implement the state’s educational interests by offering students educational opportunities that foster the development of the following goals and objectives.


Goal #1: Meet high expectations for academic achievement for all students while preparing them  for productive and self-sustaining adult life, continuing education and responsible citizenship in a democratic, global society.

This goal encompasses the following key objectives:

  1. Providing developmentally appropriate early childhood education programs;
  2. Ensuring continuous improvement in student academic performance;
  3. Implementing a unified rigorous curriculum and support systems that results in all students demonstrating proficiency in reading, writing, mathematics and other academic areas as measured by state and standardized assessments;
  4. Ensuring student attainment of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for college, career, civic life and a healthy lifestyle;
  5. Offering access to comprehensive athletics and co-curricular programs; and
  6. Assuring access to academic and job-related skills programs.


Goal #2: Meet the fundamental needs of all learners by providing a safe and disciplined environment conducive to learning.

This goal encompasses the following key objectives:

  1. Providing a safe, disciplined, drug-free learning environment;
  2. Maintaining well-equipped facilities;
  3. Recognizing and valuing diversity in learning experiences, programs and staff; and
  4. Establishing high expectations for student behavior and respect for community.


Goal #3:  Meet high standards for the performance of teachers and administrators leading to improved student learning.  

This goal encompasses the following key objectives:

  1. Improving instruction through systematic teacher and administrator evaluation and development;
  2. Implementing quality professional learning opportunities; and
  3. Providing opportunities for collaboration district-wide through professional learning communities for administrators, teachers and parents.


Goal #4:  Focus resources effectively, efficiently and equitably to ensure that all students achieve at sufficiently high levels that enable them to lead productive and self-sustaining lives.


This goal encompasses the following key objectives:

  1. Utilizing cost-effective educational services;
  2. Implementing technology-rich learning environments;
  3. Fostering partnerships between schools and the community; and
  4. Reducing the effects of poverty on student achievement.


Goal #5:  Increase the direct involvement of all stakeholders in public education.


This goal encompasses the following key objectives:

  1. Improving public education through active community involvement;
  2. Maintaining ongoing communication with community and city government about student progress; and
  3. Sharing responsibility for student achievement through increased parental involvement.





Approved April 28, 1981


Amended May 16, 2017

Previous Policy Number: AF2


Approved 5/16/2017
Previous Policy Number: AF2