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3541.3Operation of Vehicles on Private Roads


Operation of transportation vehicles on private roads shall be in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes, Section 10-220c, which permits each town or local or regional board of education to transport children over private roads. Such town or local or regional board of education shall not be liable to any person for personal injuries received while being transported over private roads when the cause of such injuries resulted from the negligent construction or maintenance of such private roads.

In order to limit liability, the following duties shall be performed:

  1. The operator of any vehicle (owned, leased or hired by or operated under contract with such town, local or regional board of education) shall be authorized to travel on certain private roads.
  2. Written consent to travel on such road shall be obtained from the owner or owners of the private road.
  3. A written statement must be obtained from the chief executive officer of the municipality that the road(s) have been constructed and are maintained in accordance with the standards of construction or maintenance of similar roads of the municipality.

Legal Reference:

Connecticut State Statutes, Section 10-220c

Approved 4/28/1981

Reviewed and no changes made 6/7/2016
Previous Policy Number: EE1.2

Approved 6/7/2016
Previous Policy Number: EE1.2