The Board recognizes the important trust it has been given with the responsibility of managing a large amount of public resources. As trustee of local, state and federal funds allocated for use in public education, the Board will be vigilant in fulfilling its responsibility to see that these funds are used wisely for the achievement of the purposes to which they are allocated.
In the district's fiscal management, the Board seeks to achieve the following goals:
to engage in thorough advanced planning in order to develop budgets and to guide expenditures so as to achieve the greatest educational benefits in relation to dollars expended;
to use the best available techniques for budget development and management;
to provide timely and appropriate information to all staff with the responsibility for fiscal management;
to establish procedures of maximum efficiency for accounting, reporting, purchasing and delivery, payroll, payment of vendors and contractors, and all other areas of fiscal management.
Approved 4/28/1981
Amended 6/7/2016
Previous Policy Number: DA

Approved 6/7/2016
Previous Policy Number: DA

Support Services Goals


SUPPORT SERVICES GOALS                       3000.1
Support services are essential to the successful function of a school system. Management of auxiliary operations is, therefore, an important responsibility of the school administration. It should be remembered that education is the system’s central function, and all support services shall be provided, guided and evaluated by this requirement.
In order to provide services that are supportive of the educational program, the Board establishes these broad goals:
to provide a physical environment for teaching and learning that is safe and pleasant for students, staff and the public;
to provide for students' safe transportation to and from school;
to provide students with nutritious meals in the school lunch program; and
to provide resources and assistance when appropriate to meet the needs of the educational program.
Approved 4/28/1981
Reviewed and no changes made:  6/7/2016

Previous Policy Number: EA

Approved 6/7/2016
Previous Policy Number: EA