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The Meriden Board of Education (the “Board”) shall have exclusive discretion to determine whether to pursue, accept or decline an opportunity to name Board-owned facilities.  Similarly, the Board shall have discretionary authority to rescind naming rights based on actions determined to be inappropriate and/or in conflict with Board values.   In exercising its discretion, the Board may grant naming rights in recognition of individuals who have made significant contributions to society and/or the Meriden Public Schools (the “District”).  To that end, the District shall follow the guidelines and procedures outlined below.  


Requests for naming rights of Board-owned facilities shall be directed to the principal of the relevant Board school or the Superintendent, if the facility is not located on school grounds.  The principal or Superintendent, if the facility is not located on school grounds, shall review the request to ensure that there is evidence of the following:


  • The individual has outstanding achievements in education, science, art, music, government, political science, military service or sports.
  • The individual has attained prominence, locally or nationally.
  • The individual is not a current District employee.
  • The individual is a former District employee who served the majority of his/her career in Meriden.
  • The individual served as a former District employee who served in excess of ten years and made significant contributions to the District above and beyond his/her professional obligations.
  • If the individual is a former District employee, s/he has been retired or separated from employment with the District.  
  • The individual is a positive role model to students, peers and colleagues.


If the above criteria are satisfied, the principal shall forward the request to the building’s School Governance Council.  The School’s Governance Council shall review the request and make a recommendation to the Superintendent.  Prior to making a recommendation, the School Governance Council shall obtain a minimum of three (3) letters of recommendations and conduct a background check of the individual.  If the School Governance Council gives the request a positive recommendation, the Superintendent shall review the following:


  • Evidence of the individual’s outstanding achievement and/or contribution;
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation; and
  • The results of the background check.


Based on the above, the Superintendent shall make a recommendation to the Board. The Board shall make a final determination, but may only grant naming rights to an individual in recognition.  Accordingly, the Board shall not grant naming rights to a commercial entity or in consideration, i.e., exchange of naming rights in consideration of financial contributions, sponsorship or other commercial transactions.


Adopted May 16, 2017

Approved 5/16/2017
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