1. Quorum:

A. The majority of all members of the Board shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

2. Voting Procedures:

A. No member can vote on a question in which he/she has a direct personal or pecuniary interest.

B. Members may vote for themselves for any office or other position.

C. While it is the duty of every member who has an opinion on a question to express it by vote, he/she cannot be compelled to do so.

D. A member may abstain from voting (with the knowledge that the effect is the same as if he/she had voted on the prevailing side).

E. The votes of each member of the Board upon any issue before the Board shall be recorded in the minutes of the session at which taken.

F. The presiding officer may vote on any motion, subject to the Board’s provisions relating to conflicts of interests.

G. Any Board member shall have the opportunity to explain his/her vote for recording in the minutes.

Approved 5/7/2013
Previous Policy Number: BD4.4