1. The Board shall act as a committee of the whole on all matters coming before it, except that special committees for the consideration or investigation of certain problems, or for the performance of certain Board functions, may be appointed by the President upon approval of the Board.

A. A special committee's only authority is to make recommendations to the Board regarding matters that that have been referred to it, unless the Board specifically authorizes otherwise.

B. Such special committees shall submit their reports at such regular meetings of the Board as may be determined, and when such reports have been submitted and accepted by the Board, shall be discharged.

C. All special committee reports affecting Board policy shall be submitted in writing.

D. The President of the Board, and the Superintendent or designee, shall be ex-officio members of any such special committees.

2. Meetings of committees shall be posted in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. A record shall be maintained by the chairperson of each committee of each meeting, which shall include the names of committee members in attendance, listing of topics discussed and committee recommendations.

3. The Superintendent shall notify all Board members of committee meetings.

4. An Executive Committee consisting of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer, shall be a standing committee of the Board.

A. The Executive Committee shall meet for advisory with the Superintendent as requested by the Superintendent or as directed by the Chairperson to review matters not requiring action of the Board as a whole related to administrative, personnel, pupil personnel, issues and general matters pertaining to the school district.

B. Other responsibilities of the Executive Committee include:

(1) Long-Range agenda planning

(2) Facilitating communication between the Superintendent and Board members.


Legal Reference

Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-218 Officers. Meetings.


Date Approved: April 19, 1983

Approved 5/7/2013
Previous Policy Number: BC5