Youth Suicide Prevention


Suicide has become a leading cause of death among young people and is a concern to the school system and the community it serves.  Since the Board’s philosophy strives to create an atmosphere in which students can experience desirable emotional and social growth, the district wishes to take a proactive stance in preventing the problem of youth suicide and youth suicide attempts.


The Meriden Public Schools recognizes its basic commitment and responsibility to provide programs and procedures conducive to the positive development of young people and to provide appropriate intervention and referral for those potentially suicidal youths who come to the attention of school personnel.  At the same time, the Meriden Public Schools recognizes that suicide is a complex issue; while the school may recognize potentially suicidal students, it cannot make clinical assessment of risk and provide in-depth counseling but must refer the young person to a community or family determined private agency for such assessment and counseling.


Any Board employee who has knowledge of a suicidal threat, attempt or ideation must immediately report this information to the building principal or his/her designee, who will, in turn, notify appropriate Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) staff, the designated Crisis Intervention Team m(CIT), and the Student Assistance Team (SAT).  The PPS staff, CIT members, and SAT members, with administrative assistance, if necessary, will contact the student's family and appropriate resources outside and within the school system.  Information concerning a student's suicide attempt, threat or risk will be shared with others to the degree necessary to protect that student and others.



Legal Reference:

Connecticut General Statutes, Section 17-38a

Public Act No. 89-168 (An Act Concerning Child Abuse and the Prevention of Youth



Approved:       June 19, 1990

Amended:        August 19, 2014


Previous Policy Number: ID2.8



Approved 8/19/2014
Previous Policy Number: 5141.5