The Board and staff shall work together to establish for each student an environment conducive to learning and shall aspire to the following goals regarding students:


to provide a student-centered learning environment to meet the individual needs of each student according to his or her specific background, capabilities, learning style, interests and aspirations;


to provide an educational program which will lead to college and career readiness for all students;


to provide a technology and resource-rich learning environment;


to provide opportunities for learning outside the traditional classroom and school building (e.g., online courses, independent study, internships and externships);


to protect and observe the legal rights of students;


to enhance the self-image of each student through a learning environment which provides positive encouragement and guidance for success;


to provide an environment in which students can learn personal and civic responsibility through meaningful experiences as school citizens;


to deal with students in matters of discipline in a just and constructive manner;


to provide in every feasible way for the safety, health and welfare of students; and


to promote in students faithful attendance and pride in their work.

Date Approved:          April 28, 1981

Amended:                    August 19, 2014

Previous Policy Number: IA 

Approved 8/19/2014
Previous Policy Number: IA