ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAM                6130

The Adult Education Program refers to those courses which are offered outside of the regular school day and are not an integral part of the elementary and secondary school programs. The general objectives of adult education shall be to prepare individuals for democratic citizenship and to provide them with means for personal improvement, enrichment, and cultural development.

Costs for instructors and materials shall be covered by registration fees, tuition, and book or material charges except for those courses mandated by and/or funded by the federal government or outside agencies.

Physical facilities of the school system shall be available for use in the Adult Education Program when they are not scheduled for regular school or other approved activities.

The Superintendent shall appoint an administrator to supervise the Adult Education Program.

Cross Reference:

Policy 6119 (Organization of Instruction)


Approved 4/28/1981

Amended December 6, 2016


Previous Policy Number: HF4

Approved 12/6/2016
Previous Policy Number: HF4