ALTERNATE SCHOOL PROGRAM                    6128

The Board endorses the concept of alternate educational experiences for secondary students who believe, together with their parents, that alternate methods of education would be more beneficial to the students. Such programs may be on the basis of an abbreviated day in regular courses of study or a full-time day involving special courses of study.

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Policy 5230 (Employment)

Approved April 28, 1981

Amended:  December 6, 2016

Previous Policy Number: HF2.3

Approved 12/6/2016
Previous Policy Number: HF2.3

Information About Alternate School Program

6128.1 (R)


The Meriden Alternate School Program (ASP) began in 1977 for the purpose of meeting the needs of students who were actual or potential high school dropouts. It is a secondary (9-12) program offering a regular high school diploma from the students’ respective high schools. The ASP is totally funded by the Meriden Board of Education.


The major goal of the Alternate School is to provide an education through individualized programs. Personal achievement in academic, social and vocational endeavors is the program objective.


The ASP is housed in a building separate from the traditional high school. Students earn credit through academic work pursued at the ASP facility and through activities carried on at work sites in the community.


All students in the ASP may elect one or a combination of the following components:

Small Group Instruction

Students must attend classes daily from 8:00 - 12:00.

Independent Study

These required or elective courses are usually taken in addition to the five courses taken in small group instruction. Weekly assignments are contractual and must be arranged between the student and individual teacher.

Work Study

Students must be employed a minimum of twenty hours per week. They are assigned a learning coordinator and all academic work is contractual. Work study students must meet with their learning coordinator one afternoon per week from 12:45 - 2:30.

Work Experience

Students electing this component are given an opportunity to explore and experience career options. Credit may be earned through career exploration and/or on-the-job training.

Individual and Group Counseling

Resources are provided for individual, group and family counseling. Counseling sessions are scheduled during the school day and in the evening.


The ASP is non-graded in its approach to instruction and offers the student narrative evaluations in lieu of grades. Course credit is awarded on a point system, 200 points being equal to one credit. All courses are based on specific learner objectives, and points are earned by completing units of instruction which have a predetermined point value. Twenty-one and a quarter (21.25) credits, including eleven Board of Education requirements in English, Math, Science and Social Studies, entitle the student to his/her high school diploma.


Enrollment in the ASP is voluntary. Interested students must submit a written application and be interviewed by an ASP staff member. All applicants are screened and selected by the ASP staff.


Current staffing at the ASP includes one teacher/director, two full-time learning coordinators, one full-time counselor/teacher, and a full-time secretary.

Approved 4/28/1981
Previous Policy Number: HF2.3-R

Personalized Learning Experiences (PLEs)


Personalized Learning Experiences (PLEs)                6128.2

The Board permits the establishment of personalized learning programs at the high school level to the extent that staffing allocations and program development will permit.


Approved April 28, 1981

Amended:  December 6, 2016

Previous Policy Number: HG2

Approved 12/6/2016
Previous Policy Number: HG2