CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT                    6140

The Board deems it essential that the school system continually develop and modify its curriculum to meet the changing needs and diversity of its citizenry and to assure the full, rounded and continuing development of the individuals of the community. While the Board retains its full rights and responsibilities under the law with regard to the determination of the curriculum, it authorizes the administration to use a wide range of resources in the development of curriculum. Such resources may include professional staff; lay members of the community; experience of other systems; programs of schools, colleges and universities; and information prepared by schools of education, educational foundations, and state and federal governments.

The following guidelines have been established by the Board:

The curriculum shall contain all courses required by the State Department of Education.

The curriculum shall convey an education which emphasizes the knowledge and skills which are necessary to be college, career and civic ready.

Cross Reference:

Policy 6120 (Basic Instructional Programs)


Approved April 28, 1981

Amended:  December 6, 2016

Approved 12/6/2016
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