In order to promote an educational environment devoted to learning and free from unnecessary distractions, the Board prohibits solicitation of students by Board employees.  No Board employee may, on school property or during school-sponsored activities, solicit students or offer services to students for non-school sponsored activities for personal or financial gain.


No person or agent shall be permitted to solicit the personal business of administrators, staff or students on school property, nor may administrators, staff members or students act as agents to secure the business of other administrators, staff members or students.


Schools shall not promote or sponsor merchandise or activities, or engage in the sale of merchandise for the purpose of commercial enterprise.  Schools may, though, sponsor or support non-profit activities that serve schools or the community as a whole. Authorization for such sponsorship will rest with the Superintendent.


No outside agent shall be engaged for any fund-raising activity on school grounds or school-sponsored activity without the prior approval of the Superintendent.  The school principal may authorize within school fund-raising activities sponsored by various school groups for the purpose of supporting those school groups.  Such authorizations shall be given with discretion and be structured through guidelines established by the Superintendent to ensure that all fund-raising proposals are reviewed in a fair and consistent manner.


No lists of names of pupils or their addresses may be released to any organization for the purpose of solicitation of any kind.


Exceptions to any part of this policy must be by Board approval.

Cross Reference:

Policy 1324 (Public Solicitation in Schools)

Policy 5159 (Student Fund-raising Activities)
Policy 3453 (Student Activities Fund)

Policy 4131 (Tutoring for Pay)


Approved: April 28, 1981

Amended: November 17, 2015

Previous Policy Number: GA3(#4035)


Approved 11/17/2015
Previous Policy Number: GA3